GRIDLINK Streams Less Grindy, Still Insane New Single “Silk Ash Cascade”

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This is how you do a comeback record.


Gridlink is back after nine years with a brand new album Coronet Juniper due out September 15. We’re thrilled to premiere the album’s opener “Silk Ash Cascade”, whose runtime forgoes all the usual grind madness and instead focuses in a neck-breaking grooves and huge harmonies. As someone who’s heard Coronet Juniper in full, I assure this is the best Gridlink album and one of the best albums of 2023. You’ll see.

Pre-orders are available here. For those unaware, Gridlink is guitarist Takafumi Matsubara (Formless Master, Takafumi Matsubara), vocalist Jon Chang (No One Knows What the Dead Think, ex-Discordance Axis), drummer Bryan Fajardo (Cognizant, Noisear), and bassist Mauro Cordoba (Maruta).

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