GUNS N’ ROSES Calls Out Reviewers Who Hated Their Glastonbury Performance

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Guns N’ Roses played Glastonbury over the weekend and reviews were mixed. Most notably among the criticisms were Neil McCormick of The Telegraph who said “Axl Rose just looks weird, like an aging small-town hairdresser who has been working out too hard at the gym,” while Mark Beaumont of Independent said the band “represent everything dated, rockist, indulgent and macho that Glastonbury has rejected since its inception.”

Guns N’ Roses has since fired back at both McCormick and Beaumont with lyrics from “Chinese Democracy”, saying “…it would take a lot more hate than you” and tagging both authors. Which feels weird considering Guns N’ Roses‘ size as a band, and the fact that they’ve definitely gotten some pretty shitty reviews before. It just comes with the territory, you know? And calling out specific authors just seems slightly petty. Though McCormick‘s comments about Rose‘s appearance feel pretty not relevant to the performance.

There were also sound issues with Guns N’ Roses‘ livestreamed performance, which the band has since blamed on the BBC. In a statement, they said: “Axl was in top form last night. We have dug deep into the matter, and it appears the broadcast had issues being played on certain TVs like UHDs. This was an unfortunate issue that the mix played through these TVs sounded so poorly; however, it was not the band’s fault but the BBC’s.”

As for the future of Guns N’ Roses, it looks like the band may have been in the studio recently. According to a post by Norwegian studio Urban Sound Studios, they were hanging out with Slash and Rose recently listening to some “new mixes.”

They said: “We got to hang out with these 2 rock legends in the studio today. Really cool guys! (The two in the middle…). The band wanted a nice studio with a variety of speakers and headphones to listen to new mixes before they head for Glastonbury. It sounds awesome!”

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