Here’s How Master Sri Akarshana Became a Celebrity in the World of Spirituality and Law of Attraction

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Millions have fallen in love with his teachings: “We are spiritual beings in a physical and material world. Life should be experienced to the fullest.”

News of Master Sri Akarshana and his revolutionary teachings is attracting the spiritually curious. The masses have needed a dose of good medicine to lift the heaviness of trying times. He does not disappoint with his uplifting courses and I Am Creator messages.  

Master Sri Akarshana has the popularity of the rich and famous, and he certainly has developed a brand of his own. The I Am Creator website states: “Over the years, his work has reached out to over 35 million people globally through social media platforms and live events. Master shares a unique message of combining the physical with the metaphysical to achieve results in life. He believes that we are spiritual beings in a physical and material world. Therefore life should be experienced to the fullest, both spiritually and physically to live an abundance of wealth and happiness.” 

Defying the educational statistics about the importance of completing a college education, Master Sri Akarshana earned a degree of his own making through hard work, determination, and entrepreneurship.  He became successful quickly through good timing and business intuition. He acquired all the material trappings that would be expected of a young, successful entrepreneur. Yet, experience proved what we have all heard so many times, “Money can’t buy happiness.”

Hopeless and depressed, in 2011 Master Sri Akarshana took a trip to an impoverished region of Kenya, where he found a new purpose for living through serving and helping others. This was a turning point in his life, which led him to establish a charity for orphans called H-Giving. He experienced even more incredible transformation during a 2019 trip to the Himalayan Mountains. He engaged in deep spiritual training with Spiritual Master and Yogi, Grandmaster Akshar. Following this heart, mind, and soul-changing training, Master Sri Akarshana became a Spiritual Master himself.

When a life is changed as dramatically as Master Sri Akarshana, people want to know how and why.  With growing curiosity, millions of people continue to follow him on social media, register for his courses, listen to his videos, and join his Creators Circle.  His message is filled with hope for the spiritually hungry of the world. People who want to understand why they are here and what they should be doing with their lives keep coming back for more of what he has to say about discovering purpose and meaning through spirituality.  

On the law of attraction, one of the most popular topics upon which he teaches, Master Sri Akarshana says, “A lot of people overcomplicate and overthink it. It’s simple: What you put out, you get back. You don’t get a choice. It’s happening all the time. Energy is everything. We think a thought – energy – and then we see it presented before us as energy. The stronger the vibration, the easier it is to attract something into your life.” His followers are in love with his teachings, and more are coming all the time to hear his teachings on spirituality and the law of attraction.  

Many come to Master Sri Akarshana dreaming about a new or improved relationship. “You attract relationship after relationship and ask yourself why you are attracting qualities you don’t want in a mate,” he says. “When you invest energy in worrying why they do or don’t do this or that, you are starting the journey of conscious manifestation. Every time you see something that’s not right in your reality, stop pointing the finger outwards instead of pointing the finger at yourself. When you change your vibration, this will attract different vibrations into your reality. Change your thoughts, change your life!”

For more of Master Sri Akarshana’s teachings, visit his I Am Creator website and search for him on YouTube. It will not be difficult to find him on every social media platform. In the words he so often uses to end his messages, “God’s love and blessings to all. Namaste.”


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