House Republican Blames Biden For His Car Being Broken Into

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Rep. Don Meuser claimed that his car being broken into is Biden’s fault because of an ‘ideology of appeasement.’

Rep. Meuser said on Newsmax:

It was simply another result of this. I just call ideology of appeasement that emanates from the Biden White House and emanates right on down through, frankly, most of the of the Democrat Party. We’re seeing it in our streets. We’re seeing it at the border.

We’re seeing it in the Ukraine, and we’re seeing it in Gaza. How we are. We are criminal justice system, making the victim the guilty party. And the criminal we have sympathy for, and it’s exactly what’s occurring in Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia and New York and other places. Crime is up. Armed robberies are up 60 percent in D.C., carjackings are up 104 percent car thefts are up 100 percent just from last year, and last year was one of the worst on record, but I happened to be very simply at 7:15 in the morning, Sean. Unfortunately, 15 minutes prior, I was jogging by, and my car got broken into, and a bunch of things got stolen.


GOP Rep. Dan Meuser on Newsmax blames Biden for his car being broken into in DC. Add it to the articles of impeachment!

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) December 6, 2023

Nobody every had their car broken into before Joe Biden was president. Robberies of automobiles are a brand new thing that started happening because of President Biden’s telepathic mindset powers that control the nation.

The bad news for Rep. Meuser is that car break-ins happen in big cities, small towns, rural and urban areas, so his car might not be safe anywhere.

House Republicans are so deranged when it comes to Biden that they are blaming him for things that go wrong in their personal lives. If Starbucks got their order wrong, it’s Biden’s fault. Forget your wallet, hopefully not in your car, that would be a double whammy, it’s Biden’s fault.

The complete silliness and ideological blindness of House Republicans is why America will be immediately better served when Democrats take back the majority next year.

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