House Republicans Are So Out Of Control That They Are On The Verge Of Physically Attacking Each Other

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House Republicans have melted down to the point where they are on the verge of physically attacking one another during meetings.

According to CNN, “There was a meeting last night, as you may know, of Republicans, and that room would have devolved into I think physical attacks on one another if people stayed in there for a long period of time,” said Louisiana Rep. Garret Graves, a McCarthy ally. “People are mad … It is justified for them to be frustrated by what happened.”

House Republicans are taking out their frustrations on Democrats, the media, and each other.

The one person they are not taking their frustrations out on is the man responsible for this entire mess.

Kevin McCarthy made all of this happen by agreeing to allow a single member to bring up a motion to vacate. McCarthy gave Matt Gaetz the weapon he used to kill the House majority.

If House Republicans are looking to blame someone for the current situation, it’s Kevin McCarthy, who could have told Gaetz and the other members of the Chaos Caucus to go pound sand when they demanded concessions in exchange for allowing him to become speaker. McCarthy knew they had no candidate of their own, so it is mindboggling that he blew up his speakership before it even began.

The GOP dysfunction is out in the open, and things aren’t going to get better until Democrats take control of the House in January 2025.

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