House Republicans Are Such A Disaster That They Couldn’t Even Hold A Speaker Debate

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House Republicans are such a chaotic disaster that they can’t get it together enough to even hold a speaker candidate debate.

CNN reported:

This is some of my reporting, Boris So as quickly as these plans were made, it seems like they fell apart. It was announced this morning that Fox News was going to do a televised interview with all of the speaker candidates on Monday from the Capitol. And then I started hearing from a lot of members in the party, including some of those key moderates we were talking about saying they thought this was a horrible idea that they don’t like idea of the speaker drama being debated and broadcast for TV.

And saying this is something that they need to figure out and work out amongst themselves. And then those candidates express those concerns to both Jim Jordan and Steve Scalise. And I am told that Steve Steve Scalise and Jordan talked amongst each other, decided this was not a wise idea and decided to pull out.


Somebody originally thought that it was a good idea to hold a debate on Fox News between the Republicans who are running to be the next Speaker of the House.

Just the idea of doing such a stunt demonstrates that House Republicans aren’t serious about governing.

Even their own Speaker election is viewed as a chance to go on Fox News and get attention. Republicans might have the most unserious House majority in American history.

It also is telling that the bad idea collapsed.

If House Republicans can’t get it together enough to hold a candidate forum, there is no way that they will ever be able to govern.

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