House Republicans Humiliate Themselves By Rejecting Their Own CR Approach

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Just when you think they can’t humiliate themselves any more, the radical nihilists running the show in the U.S. House wave the red cape at the bull of the Biden economy in a desperate effort to make it collapse.

This time, House “Freedom Caucus” (read: rebrand of Tea Party, which was rebrand of previously racist anti-government rich boy club, on and on it goes — basically well-funded opposition to the U.S. government from Big Business) has come out against the laddered approach to the Continuing Resolution for funding the government. They came up with this approach.

“Totally amazing. House Freedom Caucus came up with the laddered approach. Now they’re out against it,” Jake Sherman shared above the tweet from the House Republican caucus.

Totally amazing. House Freedom Caucus came up with the laddered approach. Now they’re out against it.

— Jake Sherman (@JakeSherman) November 14, 2023

House Democrats are not fans of the bifurcated approach given the ongoing Right wing shenanigans attempting to insert their culture war agenda into unrelated bills and issues, but House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) has said they are willing to work with House Republicans so long as the approach doesn’t violate key principles.

The House Republican extremists refuse to “roll over today” to fight tomorrow anymore. If that confused you, what they’re saying is they will not do even the most basic job of the U.S. House of Representatives, which is to fund the government. They refuse, because they refuse to participate if they can’t get everything their way. House Republicans in the “Freedom Caucus” refuse to honor the fact that the American people chose President Biden to run the executive wing and Democrats to run the Senate, a situation that demands compromise from all.

The meat of the Republican extremists’ objection is also suspect, as House Republicans have refused to fund the border at the rate the Biden administration requested. What they want is to separate the funding so they can take out Ukraine and use the U.S. House to give Putin a win. To not give Putin a win is to “roll over.”

When the Freedom Caucus grumbles about spending limits, what they are really saying is that they want to take the American economy hostage to attempt to extract spending cuts from Democrats. Since Johnson needs this CR to pass, he has no included any poison pills or demands. The resolution is screaming to House Democrats to please vote for it.

Once again, House Republicans are likely to require Democrats to rescue them from their inability to do the most basic tasks for which they are paid well by the American people.

Speaker Mike Johnson’s (R-LA) opening with the gavel is looking a lot like the moves of the Republican speakers before him: That is to say, same old failed leadership, unable to guide the ship of fools. This is not a reflection of Johnson; rather, it’s a reflection of the Republican Party, which has chosen to sell expert knowledge as a problem best solved by installing incurious blowhards into office and letting them run the show.

The House will pass the CR with Democratic votes, but radical House Republicans are so opposed to governing that they are rejecting their own ideas, and in their process, humiliating their party and country.

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