How Brian Sargis Found His Passion for Empowering Other Through Fitness

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Every business starts with an idea, but one with a clear purpose continues to grow with effort and strategies. Brian Sargis, a personal trainer and digital marketer, is helping brands scale by finding their true goals and working toward them. He is also helping others reach their fitness goals. Unlike other digital marketing experts and trainers, Brian’s story doesn’t start with a passion for exploring the internet or a dire need to start a business and scale. His story is inspiring because it shows how he bounced back higher after hitting rock bottom. From helping people achieve their fitness goals, Brian has discovered his purpose in life to empower people in every possible way. His digital marketing company, Sargis Training, is an initiative to accomplish this goal of helping more people become active and learn to love themselves.

To understand Brian’s passion for helping people grow and achieve their goals, you have to take a quick look at his back story. Growing up, Brian had deep insecurities about his physical appearance, primarily due to his weight issues. From hiding his appearance behind baggy hoodies to feeling unconfident around people with perfect bodies, Brian experienced it all. During one of his stays at his grandfather’s home and while eating double stuff Oreos, Brian realized that his weight issues could harm his future too. That’s when he decided to turn his life around and work toward a healthier version of himself.

It all started with the small step of Brian throwing away the packet of high-calorie food. He started reading books and magazines related to health and fitness. He began working out at the gym, and within a year, he had shed the extra pounds. As Brian gained confidence, he moved on to building muscle. The health and fitness-related books and journals he had bought were his guide through this journey while he completely transformed himself. Chasing his passion for fitness, Brian pursued a degree in sports and exercise science while working as a personal trainer at a local gym.

But just when he thought his life was on track, Brian‘s dreams were shattered in an unfortunate turn of events. The sudden death of his father affected his determination. Brian sought comfort in food and regained all the weight he had lost over the past few years. Although turning his life around seemed impossible, Brian decided to give it a try. This was harder than his previous attempt, but he aced it through persistence and focus. “We’re all human, and it’s okay if you get knocked down, but you have to keep getting back up and keep fighting!” says Brian.


This positive change helped him find his life purpose, which was to help people adopt fitness as a lifestyle. He is on a mission to empower busy people by helping them regain their confidence with a perfect body.

With Sargis Training, Brian adds a new dimension to creating empowerment through fitness. He is leveraging his years of knowledge, persistence, and diligence that helped him turn his life around to help others do the same. “I’ve gone through a lot of physical and emotional pain, and my vision and purpose is to help guide you through this process,” says Brian. He will be by your side every step of the journey and is dedicated to seeing you succeed. “We’re in this together, so let’s get to work!” is Brian’s rally call.

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