How Many More MEGADETH Albums Can We Expect? DAVE MUSTAINE Has A Potential Roadmap

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Dave Mustaine isn’t slowing down anytime soon. In a recent interview with The SDR Show, the 62-year-old rocker laid out a bold vision for the band’s future, predicting several more Megadeth albums before he hangs up his guitar for good.

Mustaine‘s plan is ambitious. He sees at least three more Megadeth albums in the pipeline, each with a two-year turnaround. This puts him in the studio until 2031, by which point he’ll be 70. But that’s not the end of the road.

“I was talking about that the other day. If it takes two years between an album — let’s just say it does, if I’m able to put them out fast — it’ll probably be three years, but let’s just say it’s two years. And I put an album out. We’ve still got about a year left on this one, at least. So that’ll take us into ’25. We’ve got all kinds of anniversary tours that we are planning right now. Rust In Peace is gonna be 25 years old, I think, or 30 years old next year, and all kinds of shit like that. And then if we get ready to go into the studio, let’s just say it takes a year to do that. That’s ’26. Another two years, that’s ’27, ’28. And then we go back into the studio. Again, we do two more records. I’ll be 70 by the time ’31 comes around now.” Mustaine explained.

Mustaine seems to be betting not only on his relentless spirit and dedication to his craft but also “all the crazy new developments” in modern medicine, including a hint towards the controversial “medbeds” technology. Whether or not you subscribe to the specifics, Mustaine’s optimism is undeniable.

“Now, do I think I’ll be able to continue making music? Because of the advancement of modern medicine right now — stuff like medbeds, and all of the crazy new developments that they’ve made for people with different chronic illnesses, me with chronic pain and with cancer… It’s in remission. I don’t act like, ‘Oh, poor me.’ ‘Cause it’s not ‘poor me’, man. I won. I fucking won. I beat cancer, and I’m gonna keep fighting to keep it outside the door,” Mustaine continued.

“Say I do three records, and that’s nine years. It’s gonna be a while from now. I’m realistically thinking, what kind of shape am I gonna be in my 70s? And I’ve gotta tell you, I feel really good right now. I’m still rolling and still training and still doing my cardio and eating well, hardly drinking at all and just taking really good care of myself. So I think, unless something really wrong happens, I see myself living till I’m in my 80s or maybe 90s, if I’m lucky.”

So, will Dave Mustaine be rocking out in his 80s? Only time will tell, but considering the man’s unwavering dedication to his band, I’d say let’s buckle up for a wild ride.

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