How Michael Graziano Is Changing The Future of Media and Business Through Technology

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A media mogul and bohemian millionaire, Michael Graziano has major plans for his career within the next ten years, including the direction and intersection of technology and media. Founder of Mindful Media PR, Graziano’s determination in the success of himself and others is his driving force.

Ahead of the game and a media mogul, Michael Graziano’s remote-first company, Mindful Media PR, is one of the first of its kind in the business world. “I actually think we’re in the very beginning of this whole remote economy, remote teams, and remote society where we’re just scratching the surface,” he says. 

He recounts the company’s culture, revealing the strong bond everyone has and the activities they do together. “We have a very strong company culture, where you have people from every age, every ethnicity, and every location, coming together to meditate, to set intentions, to move, and feel a vibe together and then taking that vibe out toward our clients. And that is very ahead of the curve.” 

Creating a space for everyone to come together, and then taking that harmony out to the clients was crucial for Graziano to achieve. Once establishing that, he now uses it going forward to perfect the atmosphere for the future of his business. Being the youngest Canadian-American to visit all 193 United Nations in the world, Graziano uses all the knowledge he acquired from his experience to run his business and help the lives of others. 

Along with innovating the media world, Graziano has gotten a head start in shaping the Web 3 universe as well. For those who do not know, Web 3 is a concept based on blockchain technology which includes a decentralized Internet and token-based economics. Early on, Graziano realized the potential in Web 3 and saw how it could benefit the future of media, technology, and businesses in the long run. After understanding the way it works, he took action. “I thought, why don’t we go ahead and reinvent what is press and media in the metaverse?” he questioned. “We want to help pioneer and innovate that whole experience. For example, how a brand communicates with a client and a customer in the Web 3 worlds.” With Web 3 looking to be a prominent part of the future world of technology, it is unsurprising to see it becoming more and more prevalent in the world of business, with Graziano leading the way at the forefront.

Graziano is not embarking on his journey alone, however, crediting his wife, Natasha Graziano, as one of his main motivators. “She has pushed me to be more of a father, more of a provider, more of a man, more of a giver; and for me to excel in my life into heights I didn’t even think was possible,” he admits. Photos of them, along with their journey, can be seen on his Instagram, one of the main ways of keeping the world connected in his life.

Moving forward, Graziano plans to keep the authenticness he has held in his life thus far. “Authenticity is the most important quality in a business and characteristic of a leader,” he says. “Because the more authentic they are, the more trustworthy they are; as you can sense they’re being themselves, they have nothing to hide and therefore authenticity promotes authenticity, it’s contagious.” 

Once again, relating back to his journey throughout the UN countries, Graziano uses his experiences to go forward and show his true self and determination for what is to come in the future with his clients. “Be it till you become it and don’t fake it till you make it. I don’t want you to fake anything. I want you to be somebody until you become that person.”

Proving that statement when he traveled around the world and when he began his media company, Graziano strives to prove it again as he plans to create the most extensive media company the world has seen to date. At the top of his list is continuing to help others get the recognition they deserve using his platform and connections to do so. 

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