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The best bra can look and feel different for different people. But the most common features are comfort and support. However, many traditional underwire bras can uncomfortably dig into our torsos, and some bralettes offer little to no support. And for whatever reason, we tolerate this when what we really deserve is to own a bra that does it all and makes us feel good. That’s where empowering and size-inclusive intimates brand EBY steps in with a solution.

This month, EBY released its new innovative bra called The Only Bra with the intention of it being the only bra you’ll ever need. This bra-meets-bralette creation is wireless and seamless — immediate green flags that point to it being a great everyday bra. So when EBY reached out to me to test out its new product, I had no qualms about trying it (for my own bra journey and all of yours too).

Read on to learn about the unique features of this EBY seamless bra, my honest review of it, and why I think it’s one of the best T-shirt bras I’ve tried.

In its first iteration, The Only Bra is available in sizes 32A through 40E, which are broken down into 10 options between XS and XLDD. It’s currently available in two colorways — classic black and dusty rose. They retail for $64 each, or $58 for subscribers.

The material is a super-soft, lightweight nylon-spandex blend. The seamless bralette is wireless yet it still offers underwire support. How? There’s a strip of silicon-flocked “softwire” that acts as an underwire sans metal. The raised silicone strip is placed on the front band in a fluid line under the natural curve of our underboobs.

The bra cups also don’t feature any wire (nor boning nor seams nor heavy padding). The plunging neckline allows the cups to not only have a teardrop shape that doesn’t cut off or dig into your chest but also perfectly mold to your shape.

The side wings are also unique in that they have a 3D support layer (that resembles fish gils to me) between two flexible layers of fabric that mold to your torso and comfortably adjust to your every move. Then there are the traditional bra features, such as adjustable straps and hook-and-eye closures, that aren’t typically found in bralettes, meaning we get the best of both worlds for the perfect fit.

I was given a sample of the black Only Bra, and I was immediately in awe of the material. It’s so soft and silky. And while the paper-thin fabric looks and feels delicate, it’s actually pretty sturdy and durable. It’s also very flexible: I can fold and roll it all up in any direction without denting the lightly padded cups. Plus, there are small slits on the inside of the bra, where the pads can be removed if desired. I also really like that the silicon-flocked softwire has a velvety finish. It’s not like the rubbery silicone I’m used to finding on slip-proof undergarments or shapewear that stick to and dig into my skin.

When I tried on The Only Bra, it felt like a second skin (with some extra, much-appreciated support) because of how thin and flexible the fabric is. Thanks to its wireless and seamless structure, it seamlessly glides over my skin. And since the removable cups don’t end at the very edge of the neckline, it doesn’t push into my boobs and give that undesired bra line or boob spillage look. The cups are also super-thin yet thick enough that I don’t find myself being self-conscious about whether or not my nipples are poking through my shirts.

Photo: Courtesy of Victoria Montalti.

Here, I’m wearing The Only Bra under a thin T-shirt.

So far, I’ve worn my bra for everything from working in the office to taking long car rides to running errands, and it’s been suitable for everything. It’s offered me comfort all day long, and you better believe that I didn’t have any stubborn, red bra lines branded into my skin when I took it off. I did notice that when I sat, the front underband sometimes flipped up over itself, but the material is so thin that I could barely feel it, and it wasn’t visible through my shirts.

I will say that since it’s a plunging V-neckline, the tops of the cups are higher than most of my bras. This meant that when I wore a tank top with a lower, wider neckline, the bra peeked out. That’s the sole reason why I wouldn’t say this is the only bra you’ll ever need. But it’s also why I can confidently say it’s one of the best T-shirt bras, especially for summer. It’s super-lightweight, offering support without hard wiring and a seamless structure that doesn’t show through shirt material.

We’re not in the business of gatekeeping, so I want you all to know that this bra is unlike most — in the best ways — and is going to be my go-to bra throughout the summer (and beyond). And I think you’d like it too (especially with 20% off your $100 EBY order!)

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