Jack Smith Blasts Trump’s Lawyers For Exaggerating And Misleading On 1/6 Trial

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The Special Counsel has responded to Trump’s claim that he needs until 2026 before his 1/6 trial can start by calling out exaggerations from Trump’s lawyers.

Kyle Cheney tweeted:

Of the 11m pages/files in the 1st batch of discovery:

~3 million are from Trump-related entities like his PAC or campaign

~1 million are from the Jan. 6 committee, the overwhelming majority of which are public

-“100s of 1000s” of pages are from NARAhttps://t.co/TONmXQzdLm

— Kyle Cheney (@kyledcheney) August 21, 2023


Trump’s lawyers based their schedule on the pandemic when the courts were shut down and then absolutely bottlenecked with cases, and they put in every single moment of the legal process to make their argument that the 1/6 trial for Trump will take forever, well at least until 2026. 

The 2026 date was already absurd, and Judge Chutkan is well aware of the stall and delay tactics that Trump is trying to use. Unlike Aileen Cannon in Florida, Chutkan seems to have no interest in playing along with Trump’s games.

Trump’s only way out of potential prison and a federal felony conviction is to hope to delay long enough for him to have a chance to get back into the White House.

The 1/6 case is turning into Trump’s worst nightmare. The prosecutor and judge seem to be on the same page and want to get the trial going ASAP.

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