James Comer Falls Apart When Asked A Simple Question About His Biden Bribery Claim

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House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer was asked how much money the Bidens got in the alleged bribery scheme, and he couldn’t answer.

On Fox’s Sunday Morning Futures, Maria Bartiromo asked Comer, “Tell me how many suspicious activity reports you have seen, how much money do you expect that the Biden family has taken in?”

Comer answered:

Yeah, well, I mean, there’s 170 suspicious activity reports, but then there’s another several dozen suspicious activity reports that were filed on other people but Biden family members were the subject of those, meaning they were involved in some type of transaction, involved with a major wire that had been flagged by a bank. That that’s what happens when you are engaged in money laundering, Maria. So we’re trying to have access to Treasury. We want to go back. We’ve learned new information since we went in there the first time. We requested a limited number of suspicious activity reports. Those were all involving the Biden family. Now we’ve learn of some other deals and other transactions with other entities and other people that we believe the Bidens may be subject to those suspicious activity reports as well. So we’re trying to get back in treasury now as our investigation continues to grow.

But I will tell you, it’s unprecedented, as one who’s — someone who’s been involved in banking, there’s never been an incidence that I’ve ever heard of or in talking to bankers around America where a family has been involved in so many suspicious activity reports. This is where the bank files notice with the Treasury Department that they fear their client is engaged in some type of criminal activity. This is very serious, and the extent to which this family was involved in suspicious activities is breathtaking.

Video of Comer:

Maria Bartiromo asks Comer, “How much money do you expect that the Biden family has taken in?”

Comer responds by talking about suspicious activity reports and doesn’t give her a number. pic.twitter.com/04dfc95z8o

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 30, 2023

James Comer Is Making Things Up

According to the Bank Policy Institute, the Suspicious Activity Reports mean nothing and tiny fraction of them are actual crimes, “A BPI study found that, in 2017, a sample of the largest banks reviewed approximately 16 million alerts, filed over 640,000 SARs, and received feedback from law enforcement on a median of 4% of those SARs. Ultimately, this means that 90-95% of the individuals that banks report on were likely innocent.”

If Comer has evidence of a bribery scheme, where is the money? Where is the money trail? He should be able to trace the source of the funds, the reason why the funds were sent, and where they ended up.”

It is a safe bet that with enough time and energy people could be found to say that James Comer has taken bribes, but without any evidence, there is no crime.

Chair Comer’s allegation is baseless, and the fact that he couldn’t provide a number to Biden bribery true believer Maria Bartiromo is a telling indication that House Republicans have no grounds for Biden’s impeachment.

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