James Comer Hit With Bombshell Investigation Of His Own Shell Companies

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A new investigation reveals that Rep. James Comer, the leader of the Biden impeachment investigation, has his own shell companies and shady deals.

The AP reported:

But as Comer works to “deliver the transparency and accountability that the American people demand” through the GOP’s investigation, his own finances and relationships have begun to draw notice, too, including his ties to prominent local figures who have complicated pasts not all that dissimilar to some of those caught up in his Biden probe.

The AP found that Farm Team Properties functions in a similarly opaque way as the companies used by the Bidens, masking his stake in the land that he co-owns with the donor from being revealed on his financial disclosure forms. Those records describe Farm Team Properties as his wife’s “land management and real estate speculation” company without providing further details.

It’s not clear why Comer decided to put those six acres in a shell company, or what other assets Farm Team Properties may hold. On his most recent financial disclosure forms, Comer lists its value as being as much as $1 million, a substantial sum but a fraction of his overall wealth.

Ethics experts say that Comer should have disclosed what the assets specifically are, and who they are owned by on his disclosure forms.

According To Chair Comer, the existence of shell companies and doing business with shady people is evidence of guilt, so it is fair to ask what James Comer is trying to hide by using shell companies and not disclosing who he is in business with.

It looks like House Republicans picked the wrong person to lead their Biden impeachment investigation. James Comer appears to know so much about shady behavior because he has firsthand experience. Biden impeachment is not off to a great start for House Republicans.

Those Republicans who claimed they would investigate the investigators have now become the investigated.

Committee Chairman who live in glass houses shouldn’t be running an impeachment investigation.

JamComer’sr’s problems are probably just beginning.

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