James Comer Hits A New Low By Blaming Democrats For His Hunter Biden Cowardice

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House Oversight Committee Chair Rep. James Comer (R-KY) claimed that Democrats ‘scream and yell’ during hearing, so Hunter Biden can’t testify in public.

Comer said on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures:

We’ve already seen the Democrats don’t have the disposition to be able to conduct themselves appropriately. They scream and yell, the last impeachment inquiry hearing, we had, they filed two motions to adjourn. They entered the same thing in the record six times. I mean, they did everything they could to disrupt the committee hearing. We will have a public hearing with Hunter Biden. I’m, I’m very excited about a public hearing with Hunter Biden and Abbe Lowell can have both his clients in that public hearing. You have Robert Menendez on one side and Hunter Biden on the other and they can talk about how innocent they are in their influence, peddling teams.

But at the end of the day, we have to depose these people and, and I know the media says, oh, it’s a closed door deposition. We will release the transcripts. So I if you look at the January 6th committee and both impeachment investigations of, of President Trump in the, in the last Congress, they deposed everyone and, and even Jamie Raskin when he was trying to get Steve Bannon in for a deposition. Bannon offered the same thing. Hunter Biden’s attorney offered to. We’re not gonna do a deposition, but we’ll do a public hearing. Jamie Raskin said on CBS This Week, I believe it was or CBS or  Meet The Press. One of those shows, he said, oh, well, he can, he might have a public hearing, but he’s coming in for a deposition first because depositions are substantive. This is a credible substantive investigation.


James Comer gives a new excuse for why Hunter Biden can’t testify in public, “We’ve already seen the Democrats don’t have the disposition to be able to conduct themselves appropriately. They scream and yell.” pic.twitter.com/2vgKtWiH5z

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) December 3, 2023

Rep. Comer was upset during the impeachment hearing because Democrats made motions to adjourn based on the fact that the House had not authorized an impeachment investigation. Comer called the hearing an impeachment hearing on Sunday, but at the time, he said that the hearing was not an impeachment hearing, but an investigation into President Biden.

Comer is running out of excuses, and his blame Democrats for not behaving themselves properly in hearings gambit is lame.

Chair Comer also tried to claim that moderate Republicans now support impeachment, even though there remains no evidence to support his claim.

James Comer is leading one of the biggest investigative failures in the history of the House, and we’ve reached the point in the political death spiral of Biden impeachment where he is blaming Democrats.

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