Jamie Raskin Has Some Bad News For Donald Trump

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Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said that Trump’s coup plot involved so many crimes at different levels that people like Sidney Powell are going to keep pleading out to avoid accountability.

Raskin said on MSNBC’s The Reid Out when asked about Powell’s plea deal:

Well, you know, there were so many criminal offenses that were committed at so many different levels at the state level, at the federal level, by a lot of the key participants in these events, that it doesn’t surprise me that they will start to plead out in the hopes of escaping real justice and accountability in the process. So there are lots of crimes that are obvious at this point.

It’s very clear that what was attempted on January 6th was a political coup. And that political coup was backed up by a violent insurrection that drove the House and the Senate out of our offices. But it had been taking place for many weeks. And at different levels. And I think that all of these offenses are coming to light. I feel proud of what we did on the January 6th select committee because even though we didn’t have the power to prosecute anyone, we did have the power to tell the story, and it’s that story that set the factual predicate for the prosecutors to engage in prosecutions all over America now.


The bad news Jamie Raskin delivered to Trump was that Sidney Powell’s plea deal was just the beginning. As prosecutors work their way up the chain of command in the coup plot, the defendants will start to plead out and flip on Donald Trump.

Prosecutors don’t want Sidney Powell or Rudy Giuliani. Prosecutors around the country want the guy in charge who tried to overthrow the government. The person who prosecutors are ultimately attempting to convict is Donald J. Trump.

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