JESU Streams New EP Hard To Reach

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Jesu – the dreamy ambient shoegaze project headed up by Justin K. Broadrick of Godflesh fame – is now streaming a surprise new EP named Hard To Reach. The EP compiles “Hard To Reach” and “The Stars That Hang Above You” from a split with Envy alongside two unreleased tracks, and an alternate version of the title track. Stream it below and get it on Bandcamp here.

“‘Hard To Reach’ and ‘The Stars That Hang Above You’ were originally released in 2008/09, as half of a split with Envy (Japan) on Hydra Head, Conspiracy Recs and Daymare Recs JP, on both CD and Vinyl,” wrote Broadrick.

“Both tracks are now presented here re-mastered, and coupled with two previously unreleased tracks, that were considered to be included if the original release had been a stand alone Jesu EP as opposed to a split. An extra bonus is the ‘Hard To Reach (Alternative Version)’, which was initiated around 2012 but never completed, It was finished and mixed in 2023.”

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