Jewish Democrats Devastate Trump With New Ad

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Jewish Democrats are out with a new ad that accuses Trump of turning his back on Israel, while they call Biden the leader that the world needs.

The ad:


President Biden stands with Jewish Americans and Israel.

Trump praised terrorists, mocked Israel, and emboldens right-wing extremists.

The contrast could not be more clear. We must re-elect Joe Biden in 2024.

— Jewish Dems (@USJewishDems) October 30, 2023

A narrator says in the ad, “Joe Biden is the first U. S. president to visit Israel during wartime…After the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust, Donald Trump mocked Israel and praised Hezbollah. Trump turned his back on Israel. Joe Biden is a steadfast friend and supporter of Israel and defender of American Jews. President Biden is the leader the world needs.”

It was just a couple of weeks ago that Republicans were thinking that they were going to be able to use the latest Middle East conflict to their advantage, but then Donald Trump opened his mouth.

Joe Biden’s leadership has been exemplary. Biden has both supported Israel against Hamas and pressured Israel to allow aid to get through to the innocent Palestinian people while pressuring Israel to do everything it can to reduce civilian casualties.

The situation in the Middle East is complicated. It is not an either/or of choosing between Israel or the Palestinians, but the political opening that Republicans thought existed on Israel has been slammed shut, as Trump remains the GOP’s most significant liability.

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