Jim Jordan Tops James Comer As Fani Willis Investigation Immediately Crashes And Burns

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Jim Jordan’s Fani Willis investigation has already crashed and burned in less time than it took James Comer’s impeach Biden for truck payments claim to fail.

Jordan claimed that Willis ‘colluded’ with the 1/6 Committee.

There is just one small problem.

Willis’s communications were already known by everyone because they are in the 1/6 Committee’s final report:

(1) It’s not unusual or improper for law enforcement to request docs from other government bodies.

(2) It’s been publicly known for a while now that Willis received some information from J6C directly.

I mean, it’s literally in the report.

There’s no gotcha here. pic.twitter.com/eFEqXIGf2h

— Anna Bower (@AnnaBower) December 5, 2023

Jim Jordan’s big bombshell is something that everyone knew for a year.

It is reasonable to argue who had the bigger failure, Comer or Jordan, but it took literal minutes after Jordan released his letter to Willis for his claim of secret 1/6 Committee collusion to fall apart.

Comer at least made long enough for reporters to go through the Hunter Biden email archive to find the receipts for the truck payments before he was turned into a national punchline. Jordan didn’t even make it that far.

House Republicans apparently think that the American people are nation of morons who will believe whatever reality denying silliness that they come up with.

Jim Jordan has managed to do the impossible. He looks even less competent than James Comer.

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