John Fetterman Calls Joe Biden A “Tough Motherf*cker”

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While campaigning for President Biden and Sen. Jackie Rosen in Nevada, Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) called President Biden a “tough motherf*cker.”

Fetterman was speaking at the Washoe Democratic Party Crab Feed when he said:

Biden is our guy. Biden is the only American who’s ever beat Trump in an election. The only one. Biden is one tough motherf—… I was proud to stand with him and campaign with him, and we sent Dr. Oz back to New Jersey.

The choice in this election couldn’t be more stark… It’s about Public Service versus Grifting, secured border versus exploiting the border, NATO versus Russia, progress versus revenge, president versus “dictator,” honorable versus profane, decency versus sleaze order versus chaos, truth versus lies, good versus evil.

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Fetterman has been defining the 2024 election and hammering home the message that 2024 is a choice between good and evil and decency versus sleaze.

As far as Biden being tough is concerned, a person doesn’t last as long in national politics as Biden has without being tough. People should never confuse age with weaknesses. There is a reason why Republicans are trying to play up Biden’s age as an issue, and that is because Joe Biden, at his core, is a tough guy.

Biden is an old-school political fighter. He really does believe in bipartisanship and cooperation, but there is a strain of blue-collar fighter in President Biden that a blue-collar senator like John Fetterman can see,

Sen. Fetterman has become one of the Democratic Party’s best surrogates. He delivers messages in a clear, blunt, and honest way that people can understand.

One of the reasons why Trump fears Biden so much is that Trump pretends to be tough, but Joe Biden is the real deal.

President Biden is the person who goes to church every weekend, spends time with his family, and seems to have an unwavering belief in the promise and potential of America. The President is also a tough guy, and voters shouldn’t forget it as they make their decision in 2024.

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