John Fetterman With A Truth Bomb: Republicans Want Open Borders

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Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) pointed out that by blocking the border bill, Republicans are proving that they are the ones who want open borders.

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Sen. Fetterman said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, “The supreme irony of my career: During the 2022 campaign, the GOP bludgeoned me as a socialist with a hard-on for an open border. Now I’m here in the Senate demanding a secure border, and they won’t take yes for an answer. Who wants an open border now, Senate Republicans?”

Fetterman’s office included a picture of the billboards that Republicans ran against him in Pennsylvania:

Fetterman billboard open borders.

After blocking a bipartisan bill that Senate negotiators spent months on, it is clear which party is not interested in securing the border and a serious solution to the nation’s immigration system.

The border has replaced abortion as the get-out-the-vote issue for Republicans, so expect them to talk a big game but prevent anything of substance from happening that would solve the problem.

If Republicans think they can exploit it for political gain, they will continue to be the party of open borders.

Sen. Fetterman was correct. Democrats are ready to act. Republicans are only interested in politics, as once again, Trump’s GOP has demonstrated that they will always put people last.

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