K.K. DOWNING Thinks This ’80s JUDAS PRIEST Album Is The Worst Of His Career

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In a recent interview with Classic Rock magazine, former Judas Priest guitarist K.K. Downing opened up about what he considers the best and worst records of his illustrious career. Known for his candidness, Downing didn’t hold back when asked to pinpoint the pinnacle of his discography.

“I must pick my albums by K.K.’s PriestSermons Of The Sinner [2021] and the new one, The Sinner Rides Again. They’re both very, very kick-ass and I’m proud of them both. They epitomize everything about me and who I am. They continue my legacy with Judas Priest and carry the hallmarks of the past.”

However, when the questions shifted to less savory territory, Downing didn’t shy away from addressing what he considers the low point in his extensive catalog. When asked about the worst record he ever made, he admitted, “Jesus, I’ll have to go with Judas Priest‘s 1981 album Point Of Entry. But then again, there are some great songs on that one. That’s so, so hard to answer.”

Curiously enough, back in 2011, during the 30th-anniversary celebrations of Point Of Entry Downing, commented on the record classic track “Desert Plains” via Blabbermouth: “‘Desert Plains’, to me, is just one of those songs that you can get into instantly because of the tempo and where the accents are in the riff. Additionally, and particularly in the States, the lyrical content making reference to the desert has that extra appeal for the fans in places like Arizona and New Mexico.”

“‘Desert Plains’ was also a song that none of us really wanted to leave out of the set, and if we did, it was only because we did not want fans to say that we kept on playing the same old songs. The song has that unique quality and feel about it and is hard to replace in the set.”

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