Kevin McCarthy Admits Resolution To Expunge Trump’s Impeachments Is Meaningless

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In a gaggle with reporters, Speaker Kevin McCarthy admitted that the House resolution to expunge Trump’s impeachments is symbolic, and the House can’t undo the impeachments..

Video of CNN’s Manu Raju reporting on the gaggle:

Raju said, “But in a key announcement in the same press gaggle, Kevin Mccarthy told us that he does support this effort to expunge those trump impeachments, and even though it does not change the actual record of what happened. McCarthy would not promise to bring this to the House floor. He said it will go to the House Judiciary Committee and then they will make a decision.”

The House under Republican leadership is all about meaningless do nothing resolutions. The Trump impeachment resolution is a nightmare for the nearly two dozen moderate Republicans who represent districts that Joe Biden won in 2020. The last thing these members want to do is smear themselves in the Trump impeachment stink.

The resolution is all about putting on a show to make Trump feel good. The House GOP members behind this are also trying to give Trump something to run on that will negate his two impeachments in 2024,

The House can’t remove or expunge impeachments. There is no constitutional mechanism for takebacks.

It doesn’t sound like McCarthy wants to bring this resolution up for a vote, but since the speaker is an empty suit, middle man, he will do what he is told, even though this resolution could cost Republicans the House next year.

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