Kevin McCarthy Gets Swallowed Up By His Own Black Hole Of Hypocrisy On RFK Jr.

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Speaker Kevin McCarthy managed to outdo himself by criticizing some House Democrats for their comments on Israel and then in his next breath, defending having RFK Jr. and his anti-semitism testify.

Video of McCarthy:

Seconds after condemning purported Democratic anti-semitism, Kevin McCarthy defends House Republicans inviting RFK Jr to testify before Congress despite his anti-semitic remarks because “I don’t think censoring somebody is actually the answer here”

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) July 17, 2023

McCarthy said, “Do they think Israel is an evil state? If they think differently, they should take action against their own for the comments coming from the leadership within their own Democratic Party, and that’s wrong. Your question about RFK. I disagree with everything he said. The hearing that we have this week is about censorship. I don’t think censoring somebody is actually the answer here. I think if you’re going to look at censorship in America, you’re first action to censor him, it probably plays into the problem that we have.”

Kevin McCarthy Thinks DenyIng Anti-Semitic Views A Congressional Platform Is Censorship

A House Democrat sharing an opinion about Israel is anti-Semitic, but McCarthy is also arguing that it would be censorship to deny RFK Jr. and his anti-Semetic views the platform of congressional testimony. The only reason why RFK Jr. has been invited to testify is because House Republicans are trying to boost his Democratic primary campaign against Joe Biden.

RFK Jr. is not going to run close to Biden. He is not going to cause any chaos in the Democratic primary.

McCarthy has shown himself to be an expert at twisting himself into a pretzel to justify warped views.

Kevin McCarthy has no real power over the House Republican majority. He is an empty suit working for Jim Jordan, Majorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, and other House GOP radicals.

The RFK Jr. testimony is a disaster waiting to happen for House Republicans, and Kevin McCarthy has no interest in stopping it.

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