Kevin McCarthy Is The First Speaker In History To Be Kicked To The Curb

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By a vote of 216-210, the House has voted to remove Kevin McCarthy as the Speaker of the House.

At least seven Republicans voted to oust McCarthy in what felt like an inevitable fall.

Democratic Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-TX) explained on MSNBC that McCarthy only has himself to blame:

First of all, uh it’s great to be here with you, but it definitely feels like Groundhogs Day. It looks like we’re going to go round and round and round and I was listening to Ali talk and she said that Matt Gaetz brought us and I agree with David Jolly. The only person that brought us here was Speaker McCarthy. McCarthy is the one that empowered Gaetz to this extent. He could have entered into a power sharing deal with the Democrats and honestly made sure that we didn’t continuously bring the American people to the brink of disaster before actually deciding to govern.

You know, right now we’re in a situation where we’re looking at one party implode. This is a Republican on Republican fight. McCarthy has proven to show that he doesn’t want to make sure that he honor his word when it comes to our president, make sure that he honors his word when it comes to us.

Nor has he honored his word with even those in his caucus. He is the one that has created this disaster and I don’t want the rhetoric to get far away from that McCarthy made his bed and now he has to lay in it.


No one should blame Democrats, or even Matt Gaetz. It was Kevin McCarthy who set these wheels into motion by giving up all of his power, and giving Gaetz the ability to remove him. McCarthy could have chosen a different path, and chosen to govern in an honorable and bipartisan way.

Instead, he chose to try to appease the unappeasable MAGA, and they have destroyed him.

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