Kevin McCarthy Snaps When Asked Why He Can’t Get The Votes To Be Speaker

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Kevin McCarthy showed that the pressure was getting to him when he snapped at a reporter who asked why he couldn’t get to 218 votes to be elected speaker.


McCarthy said when asked why, even with Trump trying to twist arms for him, he still can’t get the votes that he needs to be elected speaker, ” You know what’s amazing to me, with all of these things going on, on spending, I can always count on you for the most inappropriate question.”

If my career was on the verge of collapse, I might not want to talk about it on national television, but I’m not running to be the next Speaker of the House after leading my party to the most underwhelming first-term president midterm result in nearly a century.

Kevin McCarthy can’t make the questions go away by calling them inappropriate. The questions are timely and critical. If Kevin McCarthy doesn’t find a way to get elected speaker, his political career is likely over.

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The Never Kevin caucus won’t budge because their only goal is to ensure Kevin McCarthy is never elected speaker. McCarthy can’t negotiate with them because the only demand that they have is that he loses.

Rep. McCarthy can snap at reporters all he wants, but the logical conclusion to his speakership gambit is more failure and defeat.

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