KREATOR Has Big Plans For 2024

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Seems Kreator has a monumental year planned for 2024, including a huge European tour, appearances at major festivals, and the release of brand-new music. But that’s not all – they’re also working on a cinematic documentary that will offer a glimpse into their lives on the road and delve into their rich history.

In a recent interview with Subculture Entertainment, frontman Mille Petrozza shared exciting details about their upcoming projects: “There’s gonna be a big tour in Europe, that we haven’t announced yet, for the end of ’24. There’s gonna be huge festivals that we’re gonna play. And we’re gonna work on new music. I’m working, at the moment as we speak, I’m working on new music.”

Petrozza also revealed plans for new music and Kreator documentary which also be in the works: “And there’s gonna be a documentary about the band. The director is gonna follow us around the world. I think she’s coming to Indonesia and Japan with us, maybe also Australia. We haven’t talked about that yet. The documentary will be like a year in the life of Kreator or something. We’ll see how it develops. She’s gonna follow us around with the camera. And that’s not like a low-budget kind of thing. It’s gonna be a cinematic experience. So I’m really excited about that.”

This news builds upon a previous announcement made by Petrozza in October during the Scars and Guitars podcast, where he spoke about the documentary, and mentioned the film might feature collaborations with special guests, “There will be a movie about the band made by a German director. And we will invite some people in the process to do some collaborations with us. And we haven’t thought of who we’re gonna work with yet, but there might be some obvious and some surprising guests on that album. It might be coming out along with the next Kreator studio album, which we scheduled for 2025. It will be part of the movie.”

“Some stuff will be shot in Germany, some more like historic stuff. And we’ll see. It’s gonna be a full-length cinematic experience” Petrozza added.

2024 will see the dream of many old-school thrashers become true, as the Big Four Of German Thrash are getting together for at least a show. Yet to be seen if that expands further and even crosses the Atlantic.

All in all, it seems a good time to be a Kreator fan. So, get ready to headbang and thrash out to whatever they throw our way.

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