KVELERTAK Streams Their New Short Film “Morild”

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Kvelertak is now streaming a short film featuring their song “Morild”. The film was directed by Fredrik S. Hana and is essentially a long-form music video that’s definitely worth your time. You can check it out above and grab a copy of the new Kvelertak record Endling here.

“You can watch ‘Morild’ as one continuous explosive journey of visual eye candy, as not one single frame is repeated, bathed in Fredrik‘s beautiful, dark, and violent imagery inspired by Kvelertak‘s music,” said Kvelertak guitarist Vidar Landa. “Or look for and interpret the lyrical themes surrounding our newest album Endling: man vs. nature, local folklore, greed, and the inevitable death of everything we know.”

“‘Morild’ marks my fourth music video for Kvelertak, starting all the way back with ‘Mjød’ in 2010, followed by ‘Månelyst’ in 2013, and ‘1985’ in 2016,” added Hana. “I truly cherish this collaboration and the creative space they offer. It inspires me to aim high and push boundaries. With this ‘Morild’, which exists somewhere between a music video and a short film, I wanted to give it my all.

“We spent over six months shooting the thing, painstakingly making everything by hand, from stop-motion animation to miniature work and practical effects. I hope the Kvelertak fans get a kick out of it and can appreciate the love (and blood and tears) we put into it.”

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