LAMB OF GOD, DEMON HUNTER, ALLUVIAL & More Among Metal Injection’s Top Tracks Of The Week

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Top Tracks Of The Week

Check out our top 50 songs of the week!


This week’s top tracks include Lamb Of God giving a Japanese bonus track a proper release, a standalone single from Demon Hunter, a crushing new Alluvial song, and more! Check out the playlist on Spotify here and on Apple Music here.

  1. “Evidence” – Lamb Of God
  2. “Some Of Us” – Demon Hunter
  3. “Bog Dweller” – Alluvial
  4. “Massive Piles Of Festering Remains” – Kraanium
  5. “+ ylva +” – Vildhjarta
  6. “Throatsaw” – Autopsy
  7. “Elements Of Sin” – Nervosa
  8. “Dormant” – Gaerea
  9. “I Am Nothing, I Am Everything” – Lord Dying
  10. “Violence Is Gold” – Endseeker
  11. “Pushing The Pink Envelope” – The Callous Daoboys
  12. “Chaos Horrific” – Cannibal Corpse
  13. “Anunnaki” – Silent Planet
  14. “Buried By Black Clouds” – It Dies Today
  15. “Mourning Moon” – Final Gasp
  16. “Seraphim Enslavement” – Suffocation
  17. “Obliquity Of The Ecliptic” – Blood Incantation
  18. “Will Of Whispers” – Tomb Mold
  19. “The Sin Of Human Frailty” – End
  20. “Should I?” – Aether Realm feat. Soilwork‘s Björn Strid
  21. ‘Thank You, Again” – Spite
  22. “The Silent Foray” – Dååth feat. Scar Symmetry‘s Per Nilsson
  23. “Stay Alive” – Static-X
  24. “The Silence Beyond Life” – Fuming Mouth
  25. “The Heartroot Rots” – Bjørkø feat. CarcassJeff Walker
  26. “Jacob’s Ladder” – Rush cover by Imperial Triumphant
  27. “Desert Of Doom” – Asinhell
  28. “Undertow” – Harm’s Way feat. King Woman
  29. “Pilgrimage To The World’s End” – Primordial
  30. “Even A Worm Will Turn” – Gravesend
  31. “Follow The River” – Shylmagoghnar
  32. “Song Of The Dark” – Insomnium
  33. “The Agony Seeping Storm – Job For A Cowboy
  34. “Endling” – Kvelertak
  35. “Tammy, The Swine Queen” – Gwar
  36. “Lysergicide” – Exhumed
  37. “Shadowlust” – Vermindog
  38. “Flesh Prison” – Outergods
  39. “Jaded” – Spiritbox
  40. “Like Humans” – Myrkur
  41. “Abyss Unto Abyss” – Nixil
  42. “A Ladder Made From Warped Light” – Full Of Hell
  43. “Shine” – Baroness
  44. “Victory Has 1000 Fathers, Defeat Is An Orphan” – Primordial
  45. “Twin Mouthed Spring” – Wolves In The Throne Room
  46. “Invocation (Chthonic Merge) X” – Incantation
  47. “+ den spanska känslan +” – Vildhjarta
  48. “Devour” – Harm’s Way
  49. “Island Of Dead Men” – Asinhell
  50. “Sentinels” – Besra

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