Lara Trump Admits The Trump Family Will Be Running The RNC

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While appearing on a radio show, Lara Trump said her family will be running the Republican Party when she is elected co-chair.

Lara Trump said, “He’ll be involved (her husband Eric Trump) my brother-in-law Don. This is a family affair for all of us.”


Lara Trump on her plans as Republican Party co-Chair: My siblings will be involved. The Republican Party will be a family affair

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— DNC War Room (@DNCWarRoom) February 20, 2024

The Republican Party will cease to be a political party and finish its transformation into a Trump family business. Even if Donald Trump loses the 2024 election, the Trump family will maintain power over the Republican Party.

This means that even if Donald Trump is dead, in prison, or no longer around, the Trump family will still be in charge of the RNC. Political candidates who want to run as Republicans will have to be MAGA-approved.

Future presidential candidates will be one of the Trumps. The family appears to be taking one of the two major political parties in the United States and turning it into part of the family business. The Trumps are moving out of the fraud game and into politics full-time.

The Republican Party, as it existed for over 100 years, will now be a subsidiary of the Trumps.

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