LAST CHANCE TO REASON Streams Second Comeback Track, “Archons & Acolytes”

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Last Chance To Reason is slowly but surely coming back to life. The band recently returned with their first new single in 11 years “Digital Twin”, and now they’ve got a second one ready called “Archons & Acolytes”. No word on a new album just yet, but hey – two new Last Chance To Reason singles is a fucking great way to kick off 2024.

“Archons & Acolytes” features a music video by vocalist Michael Lessard (and shot by Corey Norman), additional keys by Eric Guenther (The Contortionist), and a mix and master job by Jamie King. Give Last Chance To Reason a follow on social media (and their Patreon) right here, and keep an eye out for more new hopefully soon!

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