Lawyer For Witness Rips James Comer For Cherry Picking Biden Impeachment Testimony

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The lawyer for Biden impeachment witness Kevin Morris ripped House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer cherry picking and distorting his client’s testimony.

Here is how Comer described Morris’s transcribed interview with the House Oversight Committee:

Kevin Morris’s massive financial support to Hunter Biden raises ethical and campaign finance concerns for President Joe Biden. Shortly after meeting Hunter Biden at a Joe Biden campaign event in 2019, Kevin Morris began paying Hunter Biden’s tax liability to insulate then-presidential candidate Joe Biden from political liability. Kevin Morris admitted he has ‘loaned’ the president’s son at least $5 million. These ‘loans’ don’t have to be repaid until after the next presidential election and the ‘loans’ may ultimately be forgiven.

Since Kevin Morris has kept President Biden’s son financially afloat, he’s had access to the Biden White House and has spoken to President Biden. This follows a familiar pattern where Hunter Biden’s associates have access to Joe Biden himself. As we continue more interviews this month and the next, we will continue to follow the facts to understand the full scope of President Biden and his family’s corruption.

If you want to read a more accurate and reality based description of Morris’s interview, you can do so in a free edition of our newsletter The Daily.

Morris’s Lawyer Calls Out Comer’s Lies

Morris’s attorney Bryan Sullivan wrote to Comer:

When we started today’s interview of my client Mr. Kevin Morris, I specifically pointed out the practice of Republicans in making partial leaks of witness’ statements rather than releasing the actual transcript so the public would know the truth and not your often inaccurate spin and misstatements. I specifically asked that this not to be done with Mr. Morris’ transcript and, if such were done, that the entire transcript be released.

Your staff as well as the staff of other committees responded that Mr. Morris would be treated fairly. And, then you did not treat Mr. Morris fairly and engaged in your standard practice of partially and inaccurately leaking a witness’s statements. Not two hours after we left Mr. Morris’ transcribed interview, you issued a press statement with cherry‐picked, out of context and totally misleading descriptions of what Mr. Morris said.

So much for the promise of your staff that Mr. Morris would be treated fairly. So, as I said at the interview, I demand you now release the entire transcript of Mr. Morris’ interview.

This Is Business As Usual For James Comer

Chair Comer has consistently engaged in this practice during the Biden impeachment investigation. Comer cherry picks quotes from interviews, goes on conservative media to spread and spin his misleading and sometimes flat out false characterizations, and later gets corrected when Democrats on the Oversight Committee release the interview transcript.

If Comer had any facts or evidence to support a potential impeachment, he would not have to lie and deceive, but he does not, and it is about time for the Oversight Committee Chairman to be called out for his lies and false promises to witnesses and the deceptive impeachment sham that he is engaging in.

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