LIVING COLOUR’s COREY GLOVER Teases Band’s New Album: “We Want It To Be Exactly The Way We Want It To Be”

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In a new interview with May The Rock Be With YouLiving Colour singer Corey Glover  hinted that the band is working on a new album. He said that they “really, really take our time making records,” but that he hopes to release something in the “not-too-distant future.”

“I like to hope so. We really, really take our time making records, because when you have musicians of the caliber of Vernon [Reid, guitar] and Will [Calhoun, drums] and Doug [Wimbish, bass] — and myself, I guess — we get kind of precious about our thing. We want it to be right. We want it to be exactly the way we want it to be as it occurs, what it is, and how it is. So it takes a minute.”

Glover also talked about the differences and challenges of writing music in 2023, compared to when the band first started out. He said that technology has made it easier to get ideas out quickly, but that it can also be more difficult to find the time to focus on music when you have other responsibilities.

“Making records is simpler technically, but a lot more difficult in terms of living your life. We’re a lot older. We’ve got a lot more responsibilities. We’ve got kids. We’ve got college. We’ve got high school. You’ve got all this other stuff that you gotta think about — and write a song.” Glover laughed.

“Back in the day, you played it on the phone or you made a recording, and then you physically brought it to them. Now I can hum a thing on my phone and say, ‘Here. I’m sending this to you. What can you do with this?’ And then they send me something back, and we can go back and forth with that in real-time as it occurs. And that makes the process that much simpler.”

Living Colour fans will be eager to know more about the band’s upcoming album. The quartet has been on hiatus since the release of their last album Shade, in 2017.

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