Maria Bartiromo And Fox Couldn’t Hide Trump’s Cognitive Decline

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Fox News’s Trump interview was pre-taped and heavily edited, and even they couldn’t hide Trump’s cognitive decline.

At one point, Trump began using profanity and speculating that he was going to run against Gavin Newsom or Michelle Obama.

Trump said about Newsom, ” I tell you what, he’s so much [bleep] He wants to say how wonderful, it’s doing horribly.”

Trump was making no sense so Maria Bartiromo had to interrupt to tell viewers that the former president was talking about California.

Trump continued, “His state is doing so horribly. You look at the homeless problem, you look at the people that are leaving. You have companies that are leaving, they’re all a leaving for other locations. Think Gavin’s easy because California’s a disaster. He has been a horrible governor.”

The former president later thought that he was going to run against Michelle Obama, ” I’ve seen polls where she doesn’t do well. I’ve seen polls where I beat her easily, I beat her by a lot.”

Trump also thinks that inflation will spike because of the tensions in the Red Sea.


Fox News tried all of their pre-taping and editing tricks. Maria Bartiromo held Trump’s hand and spoon-fed him throughout the interview, and even with all of this help, Trump still could not presented as someone who was not in cognitive decline and fit for the presidency.

Trump’s talk of having a different Democratic nominee and inflation spiking sounded like wishful thinking combined with delusion.

Joe Biden has already beaten Donald Trump once, and the former president seems afraid of the man who beat him and shattered the myth that Trump is a winner.

If Trump can’t handle an edited and taped interview, it explains why he refuses to debate Nikki Haley, and he could also refuse to debate Joe Biden.

Republicans love to make an issue out of Biden’s age, but Trump’s issues are out in the open and should disqualify him from being in office.

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