Media Shows Its Bias By Treating Good Biden Jobs Report Like Bad News

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The media’s reaction to more good jobs economic news for President Biden was to downplay the same sort of jobs report that they used to praise Trump for.

Brian Beutler tweeted:

Our media in response to a basically good jobs report, my god…

— Brian Beutler (@brianbeutler) August 4, 2023

Here is how the media covered worse Trump jobs reports:

And finally, in September 2018, the economy added a mere 134,000 jobs. Back then it was a sign of great strength.

— Brian Beutler (@brianbeutler) August 4, 2023

Trump gets parades and babies thrown in the air for worse numbers than what the media describes under Biden as a jobs slowdown.

It is not as if Biden is ignoring the economic progress of the country under his leadership. His administration has owned the economy to such a degree that they are calling it Bidenomics.

The problem isn’t that Biden is not taking credit for his economy, but more so that the media will not give President Bien the credit that he deserves for the economy.

Big corporation-owned media loves Donald Trump. It doesn’t matter if they market their content to the left, right, or middle of the political spectrum.

Trump elevates and validates legacy media. The former president even gave the big media companies the weapon of the term fake news to use against smaller independent publishers to diminish their voices.

Big media wants Trump back, which is why they put a subtle negative spin on good news for Joe Biden. Legacy media doesn’t care that Trump will destroy the country, They think that the return of Trump will reverse their declining profits, so if they need to massage public perception to help Trump, their bias toward profit over all else with be the driving and determining factor.

Big media isn’t neutral and aren’t rooting for democracy to prevail.

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