Meet Aidan Bowers, The Young Leader Inspiring New Generations To Follow Their Dreams

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From dropping out of college to speaking on stage, Aidan Bowers proves anything is possible.

Did you know that approximately 33 percent of students drop out of college every single year? Why is it that more and more young people are turning their backs on the traditional path to success in pursuit of something more?

The answer is simple, and one that Aidan Bowers knows very well. She is an inspiration to young people across the country who are keen on dismantling the status quo and creating their own paths to success. At just 20 years old, she strives to build an empire to help others achieve their goals.

Like many other people her age, Bowers attended college after graduating high school. She was admitted into a prestigious university called Louisiana State but soon discovered that it wasn’t the experience she imagined it to be. For so long she envisioned herself living the college dream, making friends, attending clubs, and joining a sorority, but something inside her didn’t feel quite right. 

Bowers knew that she was meant to achieve something greater. She knew that the burning desire in her soul would not be quenched by reading chapters out of textbooks or writing papers. Instead, she wanted to inspire other people to go out and follow their dreams, something she could only do if she took that leap of faith herself. 

After months of debating the decision, Bowers decided to finally drop out of college and embark on a quest to achieve her dreams. But although she left school, she didn’t stop learning. Bowers became a sponge, absorbing information, knowledge, and expertise from mentors, motivational speakers, and thought leaders online. She read books like “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” by Robert Kiyosaki to uplevel her personal philosophy on what is possible for one to achieve.

Her aspiration for greatness recently got her on stage alongside the #1 Female Motivational Speaker, Natasha Graziano, where Bowers’ inspirational speech wowed the audience. When she spoke on stage, she reminded everyone that they get to choose their story. 

“For me, I can either be a 20-year-old college dropout who is $80,000 in debt, or I can become a real estate investor, public speaker, and super successful multimillionaire,” she says. “It truly is up to me, just like it is up to you.” 

Bowers’s main message was, don’t let your imposter syndrome control your reality. Imposter syndrome is defined as doubting your own abilities and feelings of unworthiness. It’s something that she also struggles with personally. 

“We all have it. I mean, I’m 20 years old. I don’t have a business, I don’t have a book. I’m not this crazy, talented athlete that made their way. I’m just a normal person, but I’m still on stage, with the Natasha Graziano. I’m still here, doing what I would do when I get to that level, and you can too,” she continues.

Bowers reminds us that in life, you really have two choices. Either you can settle for whatever it is that you are experiencing, or you can go out and create a reality for yourself that you will be proud and happy to live in.

So if you want to achieve greatness like Bowers, you really have to decide what your passion is and take that risk. Of course, you might make mistakes along the way or veer off course from time to time, but that’s just a part of the journey. 

“I want to illustrate to everyone around me that it is possible to break free and follow your own dreams. You don’t have to follow a traditional path in order to be successful. And of course, I’m going to make mistakes along the way, but it’s going to be a beautiful journey no matter what,” she says.

When asked what advice she has for other young people who are thinking about taking that leap of faith, she says, “do everything with 100% effort. If you want to become a public speaker, then start following and learning from people who have already mastered that skill. Practice in the mirror, visualize it, and manifest it,” she says. “You have to be it until you become it,” she continues, echoing her mentor Graziano’s teachings. 

Ever since she was a little girl, Bowers always wanted to help people. She experienced severe eczema as a child and at one point dreamed of becoming a dermatologist and fashion designer to help other kids with similar conditions become more comfortable in their skin. Although her dreams today don’t involve dermatology or fashion design, the foundation of uplifting others has always stayed the same. 

At just 20 years old, Aidan Bowers strives to empower people, help them find their passion, and encourage them to create the life of their dreams. She utilizes her social media platforms to get her message across that you can achieve anything you want to achieve. Be sure to visit Bowers on Instagram for daily motivation, inspiration, and empowerment. 

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