Metal Blade Set To Repress MERCYFUL FATE’s ’90s Material

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Mercyful Fate is reportedly hard at work on a new album, and back in June of 2022, gave fans a taste of the new material when they debuted a song called “The Jackal Of Salzburg” in Germany as well as at Psycho Las Vegas.

While you wait for further news about such record, you can complete your collection of the band’s work on wax by getting your hands on the band’s classic albums In the ShadowsTimeInto the Unknown, and 9, now available in new colors. You can order yours from here, or at this location if you live in Europe.

Furthermore, in honor of these unholy releases, Mercyful Fate have also created new merch designs available at their US store and European store.

The band’s current lineup is King Diamond on vocals, Hank Shermann and Mike Wead on guitars, Bjarne T. Holm on drums and Joey Vera on bass. Last we heard about new Mercyful Fate (and King Diamond) was from Diamond back in June, who said in an interview with The Electric Theater With Clown that he and the guys are working on it.

“There’s a lot in the works right now,” said Diamond. “I’m writing with Hank for Mercyful Fate and writing with Andy [La Rocque, guitar] for King Diamond and writing on my own for King Diamond. For King Diamond, it’s an album that’s gonna be called The Institute, which is part one of two; there’ll be two full albums that will be completing that full story. As the title says, it’s gonna be some creepy, weird stuff. And for Mercy, I also have the title, but I’m not giving it out to anybody at the moment. We have the front cover for the new Mercy too. It’s very correct, very right for Mercyful Fate. It’s very back to basics.

“For my part with both Mercy and King Diamond — even more King Diamond, I would say — all vocals are gonna be lead vocals again, like they were in the old days for me. It didn’t matter if it was a choir singing on the right or the left side or whatever; they would still go in and pick up parts of the lyrics to progress the story and so on. So it’s gonna be anything goes with the vocals, for sure — back to the old style. And for Mercy too; it’s gonna be very old-fashioned. Hank is writing very much like the old days. And it’s nice to feel that we can capture that again.

“So that’s the two albums that are being worked on, that will be done by the time we go out on tour again, I’m sure.”

Metal Blade Set To Repress MERCYFUL FATE's '90s Material
Metal Blade Set To Repress MERCYFUL FATE's '90s Material
Metal Blade Set To Repress MERCYFUL FATE's '90s Material
Metal Blade Set To Repress MERCYFUL FATE's '90s Material
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