Mike Johnson Is Helping 1/6 Attackers Evade DOJ Charges

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Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) defended blurring the faces of 1/6 attackers in Capitol video because he doesn’t want them charged by the DOJ.

At his weekly press conference Johnson said:

We should not, they should not be dictated by some narrative and accept that as fact. So they can review the tapes themselves. We’re going through a methodical process of releasing them as quickly as we can. As you know, we have to blur some of the faces of persons who, uh, participated in, in, in the events of that day because we don’t want them to be retaliated against and, and, and, and to be charged by the DOJ and, and to have other Uh, you know, concerns and problems.

So that’s a slow process to get it done. We’re working steadily on it. We’ve hired additional personnel to do that, and all of those tapes ultimately at the end will be out so everybody can see them and draw their own conclusion.


Johnson: Protecting insurrectionists while criminalizing a son repaying a car loan. https://t.co/zZtvEvdicU

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) December 5, 2023

The Speaker of the House admitted that he is trying to help Donald Trump supporters who engaged in a act of domestic terrorism. When Democrats were in the majority, they used their power to seek justice and hold those who attacked the nation responsible.

Republicans are choosing to aid criminals with the very same power.

Johnson’s actions should remind the American people that the sanctioning and aiding of political violence is not solely a feature of Donald Trump. The Republican Party has gone all in on encouraging political violence to obtain or keep power.

Speaker Mike Johnson is justify helping criminals evade prosecution by the United States government.

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