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Mithridatum is the new band featuring former The Faceless members vocalist Geoff Ficco and mutli-instrumentalist Lyle Cooper, as well as Abohrrent guitarist Marlon Friday. We’re more than stoked to stream the band’s entire new record Harrowing, whose runtime is nothing short of a dizzying trip through a Beksiński-styled hellscape.

“Through mercurial waves beneath the moon’s mournful glow, a trinity of incarnate beings that embody Mithridatum have conjured forth the entity known as Harrowing, an auditory pilgrimage traversing a gloomscape leaden with dissonance, despondency, isolation, entropy… into the abyss,” states the band.

The name Mithridatum refers to the practice of achieving immunity against poisoning through self-administered, sub-lethal doses. The allegory is inescapable in its illustration of the unrelenting immiseration all incarnate beings must endure, willing or unwilling.”

Harrowing is out February 1 and features cover art by The Blazing Seer, as well as a logo by the legendary Christophe Szpajdel. Pre-orders are available here.

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