NERVOSA Streams “Seed Of Death”, Announces New Album With New Lineup

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Nervosa is back with a new single “Seed Of Death” and a new record Jailbreak due out September 29. Jailbreak is the first record to feature guitarist and founding member Prika Amaral on vocal duties alongside Michaela Naydenova on drums, Hel Pyre on bass, and Helena Kotina on guitars.

“I’m very happy with the result of this song and our new album,” said vocalist and guitarist Prika Amaral. “I always wanted to have a song like this but it never happened for different reasons and now we can finally make it happen. Also, we were able to take even more risks and do new things.

“With two guitars the doors open to a whole new world of possibilities, in fact Nervosa had two guitars in the beginning, but then we decided to go with one guitar for logistical reasons, since it would be easier to move with one less person for tours. Now Nervosa has a much bigger structure that allowed this addition, and we are really enjoying this moment of the band. The process of writing this record was the most fun and brought the most musicality, enriching the band.

“I think Jailbreak is Nervosa‘s most revolutionary record, both musically and lyrically,” added guitarist Helena Kotina. “It was a very challenging process but at the same time very constructive. We were able to take care of every detail until we obtained the best result.”

Jailbreak featured guest spots from Exodus guitarist Gary Holt on the song “When The Truth Is A Lie” and Infected Rain vocalist Lena Scissorhands on “Superstition Failed”. Jailbreak is available for pre-order here.

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