In September 2022, Floridians were directed by government officials to gather life-saving supplies and prepare to evacuate their homes as a horrific hurricane was on its way to the state after wreaking havoc throughout the Caribbean. 

Hurricane Ian was a category 4 hurricane, and the deadliest of its kind to hit the state of Florida since 1935. It’s been several months since the catastrophe, yet many still struggle to recover from the damage and losses experienced during that horrifying time – totaling over 100 billion dollars USD in damage. 

But if one thing is true, it’s that when disaster strikes, human beings have a way of showing up for each other when it’s needed most, and the team at Massey Roofing Services is far from an exception. 

“We drove through 4-5 feet of water and went down steep highways that were completely flooded just to get to these homeowners who really needed our help,” says Chase Massey, co-founder of the company. 

Massey has been in the roofing industry for over 6 years and says that he never experienced anything like Hurricane Ian before. He, along with co-founder Zachary Buchanan, did everything they could to best prepare for the catastrophe, including spending thousands of dollars on supplies like tarps to be able to secure people’s roofs until the storm was over.

“Whether somebody had insurance or not, we felt everybody needed that security,” Buchanan shares. “The amount of damage that the hurricane and rain caused to the interior of people’s homes were devastating. It just destroyed people’s belongings, and we wanted to help as much as we possibly could.”

Buchanan recalls those long weeks spent outside despite the weather and government warnings. “I remember our team would just get to their Airbnb, shower, eat, get a couple of hours of sleep, and then go back out,” he continues. “People worked 12 hours a day for a whole month, non-stop.”

Massey Roofing
It was a huge safety concern for the team at Massey Roofing Services to be working through such a difficult time, but the duo share that their employees volunteered themselves to do so. 

“The wind loads were crazy. It was blowing around 60-70 miles an hour, while you’re carrying a tarp up a ladder. People were almost thrown off the roofs with their tarps blowing in the air,” Massey says.

“You’re carrying a 200-pound tarp, and then you’ve got to balance up there not knowing if there’s a soft spot or wood that is already damaged and you could fall through any holes you’re covering,” Buchanan adds.

Hurricane Ian took the lives of over 160 people, the majority of which were from Florida, including a few roofers. “We definitely put our lives on the line getting down there,” Massey emphasizes. “Zach and I are very appreciative of everyone’s hard work and time.”

When asked what kept them going through this time, Buchanan and Massey share that it was knowing that they were the first line of defense for so many people. “People’s roofs were completely ripped off and damaged. Some of the tarps we installed got blown off as well. We really did everything we could to help every single person who gave us a call,” Massey discusses.

Massey Roofing

Chase Massey started his roofing business at the end of 2017 as a one-person operation and brought Zachary Buchanan on in 2021. Together, they’ve grown the business to a team of over 150 employees who are passionate about what they do.

Buchanan, who handles the hiring of new employees, says that he likes to look for people who wouldn’t otherwise get this type of opportunity. 

“I look for people who; if you give them the chance, they’re either going to swing big or they’re going to strike out,” he says. “I think that’s helped a lot. People understand that the chance that we’re giving them is huge and that they may not get it anywhere else. They really take advantage of it, and it’s been incredible.” 

“We have a lot of knowledge and time invested in what we’re doing over here, and we are passionate about providing our people with opportunities and supporting the community in any way that we can,” Massey concludes. 

Massey Roofing Services specializes in residential roofing throughout most of Florida, with two locations in Orange Park and Englewood. To learn more about its founders; Chase Massey and Zachary Buchanan, be sure to visit their website today. 

The company primarily services Orange Park and Englewood, but also Lake City, Palm Coast, Palatka, Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Lakeside, Gainesville, Fernandina Beach, Saint Augustine, Atlantic Beach, Orlando, Daytona, Tampa, and Palm Valley. 


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