ONI Recruits HOWARD JONES For New Single “Aura”

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This Is Just A Tribute We wish...

Oni, the one-man project of Jake Oni, is now streaming their new single “Aura” featuring Howard Jones (Light The Torch, ex-Killswitch Engage) and Josh Gilbert (Spiritbox, ex-As I Lay Dying). The single is from the forthcoming Oni album The Silver Line due out September 22.

“This album is different completely from anything I’ve done before,” said Oni. “It’s the new direction for Oni sonically with Josh Gilbert and me at the helm writing and Joe McQueen mixing and getting the best vocal takes from me. It’s banger after banger from heavy tracks like ‘Cyanide’ to melodic uplifting songs like ‘Aura’ this album will have something for everyone to enjoy!”

“‘Aura’ is a collaboration with friends,” he added about the single. “It’s always great to work with Howard and Josh. It feels like this song was made a lifetime ago so I’m stoked for everyone to hear it.”

The Silver Line is available for pre-order here and features the following guests.

  1. “Silhouette”
  2. “Spark” (feat. Sueco)
  3. “Underneath My Skin” (feat. Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens)
  4. “Silence In A Room of Lies” (feat. Jared Dines)
  5. “Cyanide”
  6. “The Dread” (feat. Justin Hill of SikTh)
  7. “Aura” (feat. Howard Jones of Light The Torch & Josh Gilbert of Spiritbox)
  8. “Armageddon” (feat. Michael Lessard of The Contortionist)
  9. “Burns My Soul”

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