PANTERA Drops Off Aftershock Festival

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Pantera has dropped off the upcoming Aftershock festival happening this October. Pantera only stated that their absence is due to “circumstances beyond our control,” and that they’ll be back for Aftershock 2024. Pantera does note that they’ll still play Louder Than Life this weekend.

“Due to circumstances beyond our control, we will be unable to perform at this year’s edition of Aftershock next month,” wrote Pantera. “This event is monumental and it pained us to have to miss it. We will however be back for Aftershock 2024!

“A sincere thank you to Danny Wimmer Presents as well as all the fans around the globe who’ve supported the 2023 Pantera celebration. We will see you all at Louder Than Life this weekend and Aftershock next year!”

Aftershock organizers have since issued their own statement, saying Stone Temple Pilots will replace Pantera on the October 5 date.

“Aftershock family, due to unforeseen circumstances, Pantera is no longer able to join us next month. We’re excited to share that Stone Temple Pilots has stepped up to perform with us on Thursday, October 5 and are thrilled to announce that while Pantera can no longer make it this year, they’ll be joining us in 2024!

“Also new to the Aftershock 2023 lineup is DWP’s own, Imperial Tide! After winning a #DWPresents Twitch competition with us in 2021, we brought on members of their band to our group of talented creatives who help illustrate and design many of the art pieces you see published on our brands today. We’re beyond proud of this group of individuals and are excited to showcase their musical talent for you all on Saturday, October 7th!”

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