Pre-Debate Bombshell: Independent PA Senate Candidate Everett Stern Drops Out And Endorses John Fetterman

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Independent Pennsylvania Senate candidate Everett Stern (R), who was polling at 3% has dropped out and endorsed Democrat John Fetterman.

Stern released a statement and a video:

U.S. Senate Announcement: I am polling around 3% which places Democracy at risk. In the interest of protecting the United States I am dropping out of the U.S Senate Race in PA. I fully endorse John Fetterman. The Democrats must win. PA must be Blue. It has been an honor running.

— Everett Stern (@EverettStern1) October 25, 2022

U.S. Senate Announcement / Flynn Trial

— Everett Stern (@EverettStern1) October 25, 2022

Stern said, “As you know, I am polling at around 3%-5%, probably 3% on average. As you know, the race in Pennsylvania is very close. I want to make it very clear today that I, Everett Stern and resigning and am no longer running in the United States Senate race in Pennsylvania. I fully endorse John Fetterman, and I want to make crystal, crystal clear here that Pennsylvania must go blue in this election. Oz is being backed by Trump and by Flynn and that is simply unacceptable, so on election day, do not write my name in. Any types of donate to campaign, please donate to John Fetterman. He needs as much support as possible, and it is absolutely essential that Democrats win this election.”

Everett Stern is a Republican. He ran in the Republican Senate primary before running as a write-in Independent candidate in the general election. Stern was correct. He has been polling at 3%. The election between Fetterman and Oz has tightened, so if even 1% of his support goes to Fetterman, it could make the difference between victory and defeat.

The debate in Pennsylvania will be perhaps the most followed Senate debate of the 2022 election. Fetterman is the more experienced debater, and Oz was frankly terrible during the Republican primary debates.

There will not be a Ralph Nader 2000 or Jill Stein 2016-type situation in the Pennsylvania Senate race.

Everett Stern put his state and country first by dropping out of the race, and his departure could consolidate the remaining undecideds around John Fetterman.

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