President Biden Had The Perfect Response To Kevin McCarthy’s Impeachment Threat

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President Biden was asked about Speaker McCarthy’s threat to impeach him, and the President didn’t feed the story. He just smiled and walked away.

Video of Biden:

Biden smiles as reporters ask him about McCarthy’s push for an impeachment inquiry

— Acyn (@Acyn) July 25, 2023

What President Biden did in the video above is sometimes referred to as giving your opponent enough rope to hang themselves with. The Presiden understands that responding to the latest Republican-created drama will only feed it. If Biden answers, his answer will elevate the GOP’s baseless and evidence-free conspiracy theory.

There is no reason for Biden to turn the Republican gambit into a legitimate question by engaging with it. The President is probably plenty angry behind closed doors at this nonsense and how his son has been dragged through the mud and demonized by House Republicans, but he knows that any Republican attempted impeachment is likely going nowhere and may help him politically.

It is not a coincidence that the impeachment talk started as Trump faces a criminal indictment as part of the 1/6 investigation.

President Biden isn’t going to help Republicans to create a circus that will take the attention off of Donald Trump. One of the many reasons that the President beat Trump in 2020 is that he let Trump have all of the oxygen and waited for voters to reject the only president in history to never have a single day in office with an approval rating over 50%.

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