Rachel Maddow Exposes Putin Pal Elon Musk

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Rachel Maddow put the pieces together and showed that Elon Musk is working against the United States and trying to help Putin and Russia.

Maddow said:

It is important that this one middle-aged red-pilled right-wing billionaire has taken one of the world’s major social networks and turned it into a fire hose of totally toxic anti-semitic and pro-nazi content. Now, publicly blaming the Jews for the financial woes of his company while personally using his power and his public profile to boost and validate literally self-declared anti-semites and white nationalists who are now the loudest influences on that network. That’s an important thing in the world.

It also seems important that the U.S. Space program decided to make itself dependent on this same one guy for much of its important ongoing work. As space becomes more and more and more important to American national security. But given the role of Russia in the world today, given who they are and how they’re conducting themselves these days, given the place Russia has in — given the place of Russia in relation to America’s place in the world today, how is it possible that it is the Russian government that is reportedly advising this one American private citizen, advising him about turning on and turning off the single most crucial supply line for the military in the country Russia is fighting?

The country that Russia has invaded, the country that Russia has invaded that is our ally. This is an American citizen reportedly taking advice from the Russian government about how to make sure America’s ally loses this war against Russia. How is this happening? And how is it possible that the United States government is basically just a bystander here?

Video of Maddow:

Rachel Maddow asked the key question. Why hasn’t the US government done anything about Musk? Why hasn’t the United States and its allies done anything about Musk? Elon Musk is rich but not wealthier than the United States and the NATO countries, just to name one example.

If Musk is being advised by the Russians on the war in Ukraine, and Ukraine is depending on technology supplied by Musk for communications, then the democracies of the world that are supporting Ukraine have a big problem.

Elon Musk is a US citizen who is giving aid and comfort to any enemy of the United States.

Rachel Maddow has given the problem a big platform, so now it is time for the American people to demand action.

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