Rachel Maddow Shatters The Concern About Biden’s Age

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Rachel Maddow held nothing back as she cut through the media concerns and false equivalences about Biden’s age.

Maddow said:

I have to stress here that Trump really did use the word encourage. He did not say that the United States would sit idly by in case Russia invaded a NATO ally. He said he would encourage Russia to go after one of our allies. He would encourage them. In other words, he would tell Russia to go take out one of our allies with the assurance that we do nothing to help. This is happening within 48 hours of Putin telling a hand picked interviewer which countries he thinks really have had it coming and he’s got one of them in NATO at the top of his list.

But don’t forget President Biden is three years older than that guy. So obviously, there’s equally enormous risk in picking either of these candidates to be president of the United States. One is obviously old, and one is also old and facing 91 felony charges and saying he will literally encourage Russia to expand its war to hit our allies.

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Rachel #Maddow on the Biden age issue, “One is obviously old, one is also old and facing 91 felony charges and saying he will literally encourage Russia to expand its war to hit our allies.” pic.twitter.com/rvcQrqzT78

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) February 13, 2024

These two candidates are not the same, and the risk is not equal. The concept that the risk between electing Trump and electing his opponent was something that the media ran with in 2016, and then after getting Trump elected, they spent the next four years trying to normalize the most corrupt and abnormal presidency in American history.

If 2024 feels familiar, and not in a good way, it is because the media is at it again. The media is using the candidates’ ages to make Biden seem like the bigger risk instead of Trump.

Trump is facing 91 criminal felony counts and has cognitiv issues, but the media never talks about those in its Trump coverage.

Donald Trump is also siding with Putin and other dictators. Trump has given Putin the green light to attack NATO, but nobody in corporate media will discuss Trump as a global threat to democracy.

Nope. The problem is that Biden is old.

Trump is also old. Additionally, he is dangerous.

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