Rep. Dan Goldman Slams Jim Jordan’s Abuse Of Power

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Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) said that Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) is illegally abusing his power to help Donald Trump and it needs to stop now.

Goldman said on MSNBC’s Inside with Jen Psaki when asked about Fani Willis’s letter to Jim Jordan:

I thought was very powerful and very correct. She pointed out now that this is yet another investigation where House Republicans are using the authority of their majority in Congress to intervene and obstruct an ongoing, criminal prosecution. And she was right to say that it is one thing if it were a federal prosecution, which, of course, Jim Jordan and House Republicans are also trying to do with the special counsel Jack Smith, but it is altogether a wholly different thing when the federal government is trying to intervene in a state prosecution.

And I thought she did a very good job of laying out why this is an abuse of power, an abuse of authority by the House Republicans, to do the bidding of Donald Trump purely to use their power to defend Donald Trump as Jim Jordan said, to framing up the 2024 election it is a gross abuse of power, it is far outside their jurisdiction, it is against the law based on recent Supreme Court decisions and it really needs to stop.


Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) on Jim Jordan’s efforts to obstruct Fani Willis’ Trump investigation, “It is a gross abuse of power. It is far outside their jurisdiction, it is against the law based on recent Supreme Court decisions and it really needs to stop.”

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) September 10, 2023

What Jim Jordan is doing is illegal, but it would be tricky to charge him because he is meddling in a criminal investigation while using his position as the chair of a House committee. Jordan could be criminally charged, but the case would be a sticky and long legal fight that frankly might not be worth having at this time. DA Willis is already prosecuting a RICO conspiracy that was allegedly led by the former president, so coming after Jordan might accomplish nothing but add to the MAGA narrative that the prosecutions are politically motivated.

The good news is that, as Rep. Goldman pointed out, Jordan doesn’t have the power to do much of anything. He can make a big show and send lots of letters, but the House has no jurisdiction over a state investigation, so the odds of Jordan being able to stop Willis are zero.

Jim Jordan is abusing his power, and the best way to stop him is to return Democrats to the House majority.

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