Rep. Tim Burchett Melts Down On National TV When Asked For Evidence Of Biden Crimes

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It got ugly for Rep. Tim Burchett when he was pressed on CNN for evidence to support his claims of President Biden committing impeachable offenses.

Transcript of the congressman from Tennessee’s meltdown over a fundamental question:

Brianna Keilar: Excuse me? There’s no connection to President Biden. So can you explain that? What are you talking about?

Rep. Burchett: Yes, ma’am. There is. This latest transaction there absolutely is, and there’s a monthly payment.

Keilar: Are you talking about a 1300, $1380 transaction that the car payment reimbursement?

Burchett: Now that is what they are calling it but actually it was — said no, that is what the committee, the committee put out a receipt showing it is a reimbursement for car payment. And also some of the ways in which you characterize some of the things about the involvement, it is just not as clear-cut as you are characterizing it. So is definitely going to let me talk?

Keilar: I did let you speak. Congressman, with all due respect, no, no, you are speaking about me, sir. With all due, with all due respect I let you speak, and then I clarified just to be clear about what you are saying . So yes he does, and I will let you speak, since you are saying, you know, so much of this has to do with president Biden although there is no evidence of that, will the Oversight Committee subpoena him?

Burchett: Will the oversight committee who? President Biden or Hunter? I don’t know. At some point, I suspect that can happen, but I doubt he would show, and I doubt Hunter is going to show not actually an indictment for 10 days, and arms having a pistol when he is back on drugs is a clear line between communist China $5 million investment with Hunter Biden. the guy is bad news, but you also want to cover for him, and that is fine, but there is a security threat on the money throwing from the communist Chinese to Hunter, to one of his 22 shell companies. There are several checks that have been made available to you all for use of shell, and by saying there is no evidence, ma’am, I realize that is the Democrat national talking point that you will continue to regurgitate.


It is consistently the same story. When a House Republican gets asked for evidence of what impeachable offense President Biden committed, they get angry and start ranting and raving, and outburst always with claiming that the questioner is working for the Democrats.

The reason why Republicans struggle to explain what Biden did is because the President didn’t do anything.

These outbursts by Republicans are part anger and part distraction tactics.

Beneath all of the smoke and mirrors is the reality that Republicans have nothing.

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