Republicans Are Now Trying To Defund Fani Willis And Jack Smith

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The former party of law and order is launching a push to defund prosecutors Fani Willis in Georgia and Special Counsel Jack Smith.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported:

U.S. Rep. Andrew Clyde opened a new front in the pro-Donald Trump offensive meant to undercut Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ indictment of the former president and his allies.

The Athens Republican wants to use an upcoming appropriations bill to slash federal funding for Willis, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and federal special counsel Jack Smith. All three prosecutors have brought criminal charges against Trump.

Even if House Republicans can get an appropriations bill that defunds Willis and Smith out of the House of Representatives, it will be stripped out of any Senate legislation.

House Republicans are using the same flawed thinking they are always guilty of when creating a crisis. Republicans think that Democrats will be in such a rush to avoid a government shutdown that they will pass anything to get it done.

For more than a decade, Democrats have shown that they have no problem with waiting out Republicans.

Yet, here the nation goes again.

House Republicans are willing to harm the American people with a government shutdown to save Donald Trump.

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